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11 Victorian parasols on eBay

Good morning,

Below is a link to eleven Victorian parasols, two lots of three and one lot of five. The current bid for each lot is $19.99.

One auction is for black folding parasols, which most likely date from the mid 1800s. The are not necessarily mourning parasols. American's had a thing for solid black parasols when the small folding ones were the rage.

One yellow parasol appears to be in great shape. A black and a brown (2) appear to be in good, probably usable condition. Remember these are probably covered in silk, which becomes brittle with age. So, they would have to be handled with extreme care and the understanding they will probably need to be recovered in the future.

The remaining nine parasols are in various degrees of tatters. Don't let that deter you. If you have one section intact it is relatively easy to make a new covering. Doing it from a bare bone parasol is another matter.

Back to these nine... All of them have at least two sections intact. That allows you to measure the dimensions and angles of each panel, which you can create a patter piece from. A trick is to cut the lower edge of each panel on the salvage. Otherwise the fabric will stretch, making the circumference bigger that you want. If you want the scalloped edge seen on many Victorian parasols, you could probably sew twill tape or such on each to keep the piece from stretching. Many Victorian parasols had an inner lining that covered the spokes. I have no idea how to recreate that.

If you don't want to spend the money on silk to recover your parasol, my personal favorite is eyelet. They tend to have fancy salvage edges and dye easily. Remember to take shrinkage in regard when you buy the fabric. Oh, lesson learned. Do not try to dye or machine wash Victorian/edwardian cotton parasols. They will shrink like crazy.

If you don't want to tackle recovering a parasol by yourself, there are a couple reputable people online who will do it for you. The man I am thinking of will make your folding parasol look brand new, inner lining included, but he is not cheap and tends to have a backlog.

If these lots remain under $50 each, you would have an amazing deal.