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A Glimpse into Shalie's Reality

and a wild roller coaster ride it is

9 October

I was described many moons ago as being an enigmatic paradox. I would say it is still an accurate description.

I am first and foremost a lady. There is nothing that says a lady can't have fun, though.

I think one finds the means to a happy life in the midst of being good and bad, manic and depressed, styled and casual, etc. If one has never experienced the extremes, how is one to know where the happy middle ground is?

My friends have also described me as: honest, talented, creative, classical, dichotomous, skilled, determined, fascinating, open, elegant and full of energy.

One of the recent/best compliments I've received is, "[Shalie's] quiet strength -- she assesses people and siutations with a quiet dignity, like a lioness determining if you are friend, foe, or food."

Numerous people have asked what I do for a living. So, here you go...

Currently unemployed... Waiting for my disability hearing some time this Summer/Fall Crosses fingers

Otherwise I design/sew Victorian costuming and teach sewing lessons. I was a Civil War reenactor and consider myself pretty knowledgeable on women's clothing from that period (disregard the CW gowns on my website; I made them before I began corresponding with some of the leading experts on CW clothes.) My favorite clothes to create, though, are bustle gowns from the late 1800s and wedding dresses.

I am happily (and monogomously) involved with a wonderful man, earendel.

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